3 Warning Signs You May Need Professional Septic Pumping Service

March 19th, 2012 BY No Comments

If your septic tank is experiencing troubles you need to call a professional for septic pumping service right away. Unfortunately many people don’t realize or see the signs of a bad septic tank until it’s much too late. This is a topic that is rarely talked about and if you are purchasing your first home it’s a good idea to learn now the value of septic pumping service as well as the danger signs of a tank in trouble.

Here are  the 3 warning signs you may need professional septic pumping services:

  1. Bad odors. One of the biggest red flags that your septic tank isn’t performing the way it should be is bad odors coming from the drains or the ventilation system. The types of odors you should watch out for are the smells of rotten eggs or sewage; this is actually the smell of methane gas seeping through your septic system. This is a clear signal of blocked drainage and involves septic pumping service.
  2. Damp areas around your septic tank. If you’ve noticed plants growing around your septic tank area then you may have a problem. This shows that there is leakage from the tanks and it’s giving off too much moisture. It can mean that the leach filed lines are too full or that there are leaks or damage.
  3. Very slow drains. Do you have super slow draining toilets or drains? If so this can be a sign that your septic tank is in trouble. It can mean that they are filled to the brim and need to be drained or that there is damage in the pipes. If you hear a gurgling sound coming from the drains it often indicates that the waste and water isn’t flowing as freely as it should be.

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