EarthCare can help supermarket owners/managers avoid costly problems that may result in a health code violation. We understand your business and the need for a rapid response. With our large fleet and wide range of services, you can be sure that the first and only call you’ll need to make is to us!

Grease & Septic Services

EarthCare will handle your entire inside and outside grease removal needs and make sure to go above and beyond the standard servicing. Our highly trained technicians will inspect your systems, check for warning signs, and suggest appropriate service frequencies and maintenance plans to help keep your system running smoothly. No business should have to deal with a back-up, be shut down or lose customers because of a septic back up, grease overflow or drain issue. EarthCare is here to make sure that doesn’t happen to your business.

Inside Grease Trap Servicing

EarthCare technicians will not only clean out your interior grease traps, but we will properly scrape down the walls of the trap and inspect the condition of the trap itself, baffles and cover. At this time, your EarthCare technician will properly document the condition of your interior traps and we will also recommend the appropriate service frequency, and possible use of product based on the condition of those traps.

Your service technician will update the service log appropriately to coincide with any future Health Department inspections. Proper interior grease trap servicing is necessary to keep the rest of your indoor pipes running smoothly. If service is not consistent; fats, oils, grease and solids can build up in your pipes causing back-ups. Some towns require a specific frequency for grease trap services. Check with your EarthCare technician or Board of Health for more information to avoid any violation fees.


Outside Grease Tank Servicing

EarthCare technicians will empty your outside grease tanks and legally dispose of the waste. At every service, our technicians will check the inlet and outlet pipes, measure the grease thickness, suggest service frequency, possible need for Drain Master, and document this information for you on our work order. Proper frequency of service is a must. Outside grease tanks are usually quite large and if not serviced properly, can have grease build up that becomes hardened. This can cause problems such as back-ups, overflows outside the building, and draining issues on the inside as well. As always, our EarthCare service technician will speak to the manager on site if possible to discuss the system condition and any other potential problems.

Design and Installation

If a new system is what you need, we will be able to provide one for you. From the design to the installation, we will be there every step of the way making sure all the proper permits and guidelines are followed. Our Engineering Department can design and install large or small septic systems, drain fields, grease or septic tanks and interior grease traps.

Drain Cleaning

When your bathrooms or floor drains are slow or backing up, the solution may not require service to your septic system. Instead, we would provide drain cleaning services to clear drains by Jetting or Snaking. We also provide camera work to help identify issues with problem drains from the inside of the drain. Our customer service center will be able to ask all the appropriate questions to diagnose your drain cleaning issue and suggest the appropriate response.

Camera Work

Our EarthCare Drain Cleaning team is equipped with color cameras that are able to record as well. We will be able to snake the camera through your drain lines and find the true root of the problem and provide you with DVD copy for your records and approvals.

Snaking and Jetting

For soft blockages, our EarthCare Drain Cleaning team is equipped with high pressure water jetters that can blast through and clear lines of any length. For hard blockages, our experienced team can also snake through lines to get your drains flowing again.

Preventative Maintenance

At EarthCare, we firmly believe that preventative maintenance is your best defense against unwanted surprises such as back-ups, clogs, overflows and breakages. Our technicians can recommend a maintenance plan that fits your needs and your budget. As a one-stop shop, we will include a plan for your septic, your interior lines, and your outside grease & inside grease needs. Whether it’s just jetting your lines once per quarter, doing a complete inspection, or cleaning of all your non-hazardous waste systems, we can provide you with a plan that is right for you.


Emergency Response


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