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The Importance Of A Septic Tank Filter For The Health Of Your System

The Importance Of A Septic Tank Filter For The Health Of Your System

Rather than waiting until a septic system issue arises, it’s best to work to prevent such problems. Installing a septic tank filter is one way to make sure that your septic system doesn’t clog the leach lines.

Septic tanks often use a leaching field, but the biggest particles coming out of a septic tank aren’t going to easily pass into the field. Over time, these particles clog the leach lines and can result in complete septic system failure.

To prevent this, follow two easy steps.

Install a Filter if you Don’t Have One

Some systems don’t have a septic tank filter at all, but in many states, these outlet filters are required. When you have a technician install the filter, note in a permanent log book when the filter was installed so you will be able to calculate when you need maintenance. According to Family Handyman, even if your system ends up needing frequent filter cleaning, that maintenance is far less expensive than the bigger problem that is created without a filter: digging up the pipes in your leach field to find clogged spots.

Get Regular Filter Cleanings to Keep the System Running

Using a septic tank filter is an easy way to promote the health of your system with very little need for upkeep or work on your part. For more information on keeping a septic tank system healthy, contact us.