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When it comes to septic or grease pumping services (potentially the most frequent service you’ll get from us), we’re all about service quality. Learn more on how we can help your company with outside services such as septic services and outside grease tank services.


Your business may also have outdoor grease tanks. We’re happy to check these tanks and legally dispose of any waste. At a standard cleaning, we’ll check the inlet and outlet pipes, measure grease thickness, and use some Drain Master if necessary. As usual, we’ll handle all paperwork for you.

Outside grease tanks are usually on the larger side (don’t mention that to their face) and can have their grease buildup start to harden. If this happens, expect some unpleasant back-ups and overflows both inside and out.

To be 310 CMR Compliant according to the Department of Environmental Protection, “Grease tanks and Grease traps shall be inspected monthly and shall be cleaned by a licensed septage hauler whenever the level of grease is 25% of the effective depth of the trap, or at least every 90 days, whichever is sooner.”

(Note that some states and towns require a specific frequency for grease tank services. Check with your EarthCare technician, or your local board of health for more information and to avoid any violation fees.)

Make sure you speak to your technician about scheduling routine cleanings so you keep your business running smoothly.

Schedule Outside Grease Tank Cleaning for your business.


Establishments engaged in the storage, preparation, selling, serving or processing of food and beverage often require indirect waste piping for refrigerators, freezers, walk-in coolers, iceboxes, ice-making machines, coffee urns and brewers, hot-and-cold drink dispensers, and similar equipment. This Indirect Waste piping discharges into the building drainage system and requires preventative maintenance. EarthCare has the equipment and trained personnel to ensure proper functionality.

Request Indirect Waste Pit Services.


Routine septic pumping services are essential for a healthy commercial system. You can’t avoid sludge buildup, but regular pumping will keep it at a non-damaging level. Having a healthy balance of liquids is a must; getting your tank serviced is a great way to identify problems before they happen.

Our technicians will empty out your tanks and legally dispose of any waste. We will make sure to check inlet and outlet pipes, measure sludge and scrum thickness, and keep detailed records of our visit and our findings. In addition to grease hardening and its associated problems, other issues can occur if routine pumping is not performed!

Schedule Septic Tank Service.


Our engineers can help you through the entire process of installing a new commercial septic system while ensuring all permits and guidelines are followed. We do large systems, small systems, and everything in between. We’re also experts in replacing and installing drain fields and grease traps.

Schedule Septic Design & Installation.


Something’s broken? No repair job is too big or too small for us. Not only will we take care of all non-hazardous waste, we can handle your grease and septic system repairs as well.


A damaged cover can be dangerous, so we carry many different cover shapes and sizes in stock (round, square and the very rare, “Elvis-Shaped”). Should we notice a weakness in a current cover, we’ll let you know!


Some tanks have covers that are deep underground, causing potential problems when servicing. We can help prevent this by installing a build up also known as riser which is required by code. This will bring the level of your cover closer to or even with the surface.


Do we repair these? Yes, yes and yes! These essential elements don’t last forever. In older systems (and many new ones) these components were made of concrete.  Concrete is susceptible to deterioration by the gases present in a waste system.  Often we can repair or replace them with p.v.c. products, as needed.


Low levels in your septic system might indicate a leak. We can likely seal any cracks without replacing the entire tank.

Schedule Septic System Repairs.

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Septic rejuvenation can do wonders, especially for your leach field area. We offer two options, below, to help get your surrounding soil absorbing like it should.


First, we “de-water” your leach field and install a leach field “port” for easy access in the future. Next, we add healthy bacteria “Boost” to your system. Finally, we blast a high-power jetting machine in each leach line and break up any heavy bio-matter.

Afterwards, we’ll take that now-activated bacteria and pour it into the distribution box, to ensure it gets spread evenly through your system.

This bacteria “Boost” will continue to grow for a few weeks, eating away at anything leftover and improving drainage.


Another option for rejuvenation is aeration of your leach fields.  That’s because over time, the fields may become saturated with water and gases beneath the surface of the ground, causing the earth below to become compact, clogged and, in a word, icky.

TerraLift offers a long term fix for these problems – and without the high cost and excavation required when replacing an entire leach field.

Using a patented soil restoration process, TerraLift can add years of life to any field (we know what you’re thinking: if only the process worked on humans). It can also be used in parks, golf courses, construction sites and more. Basically any place where accumulated water causes problems.

But wait, it gets better. We offer a one year guarantee on your revitalized leach field. If, for any reason, the soil re-compacts within 12 months, EarthCare will come back to the site and redo the TerraLift process for free.

Intrigued? Schedule Boost Custom Clearning or Terralift for your septic leach field.

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