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Our High Vacuum (Hy Vac) services are Hy quality and Hy-lee comprehensive (sorry, just a little bit of Hy Vac humor there).

Whatever your unwanted waste needs, we can pneumatically load solids, liquids, and sludge into our trucks using the industry-leading GapVax and Vactor brands.

Typically this type of service is used for commercial grit, storm drains, catch basins (large or small), large and small sewer line jetting, large scale septic systems, municipal waste water treatment plants and more.

Whatever your situation, we’ll get you back in business quickly.

Specifically, our Hy Vac services include:

  • Storm water removal
  • Leachate removal
  • Liquid sludge removal
  • Cake sludge removal
  • Alum sludge removal
  • Pumping digesters and lagoons
  • Power-washing roadways, driveways, and parking lots
  • Large or small catch basin vacuuming
  • Lift station and main vacuuming
  • Exterior grease trap vactoring

We also offer Hydro Excavation services, which is the process in which soil is moved or removed with a combination of pressurized water and an air vacuum. This process is a more accurate and non-destructive way to remove soil and is often used to place underground utilities. It is also used in pipe and sewer line rehabilitation or landscaping. In using this process it can minimize the disturbance or damages to the surrounding area and also prevents delays in traffic.

But wait… that’s not all our heavy-duty Hy Vac trucks can do! Do you have a flat roof? Because if you do, you know all too well how annoying and expensive it can be when your roof drains clog with debris. You also likely recognize the hidden benefits of the phrase “it’s all downhill from here”. Lucky for you, our trucks can remove debris clogs in no time, so you can focus on running your business.

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Why Choose EarthCare?

  • We Don’t Take You for Granted
  • Our Phones Are Manned by Actual Humans
  • Our People Know What They Are Doing
  • We’re Everywhere
  • We’re Good to the Environment
  • Largest Fleet in the Industry
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Wondering what our fleet looks like? We don’t like to pump and tell but ….

… you’ll be impressed to know that our fleet has over 400 units, including pump trucks, tractors, tank trailers, heavy duty Hy Vac trucks, as well as support, administration, installation and repair vehicles.

  • Heavy/extra heavy specialty trucks
    • Pump trucks
    • Smaller pump truck combos
    • Tractors (Vac tankers & tanker trailers)
    • Hy Vacs
    • Dump trucks
    • Roll off trucks
  • Lighter duty vehicles
    • Pickup trucks
    • Service vans
    • Grease service vans and box trucks
    • Inspection utility trucks
  • Other support units, primarily small trailers
Hear From Happy Customers:
“They were professional, courteous, explained at every step what they were doing and why. I would highly recommend their services.” - Former Customer

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