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What Potential New Home Owners Should Know About Septic Systems

What Potential New Home Owners Should Know About Septic Systems

New home owners and potential buyers need to know about septic systems on-site before they move forward with a purchase. The issue with septic tanks is that if there is some fault in the system you could potentially buy a home and then be stuck with a big repair bill that you weren’t even expecting. That is why it is important for new home owners and buyers alike to really look at the septic system before buying the property. Here’s what you should know.

What you need to know up-front is that no septic system inspection or test can give you a one hundred percent guarantee that there are no flaws or defects in the septic system. However, the right tests and a proper inspection can reduce your risk of having a very costly septic surprise, and give you confidence moving forward and completely a home purchase.

When visually inspecting a property with a septic system look for areas that are wet, smelly or odorous, rocky, or recently excavated. Determine where the septic system is and where the leaching field, where the run-off is distributed is. A simple thing to know is that if the leaching field is completely saturated and soaked and you smell a strong, heavy odor the septic system is not working properly.

Potential new home owners should know to avoid the septic dye test. While it was once a reliable testing method when septic systems weren’t as deep or on as big of a grade, now these tests are flawed and barely detect any of the issues a septic system might have.

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