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My Grease Trap Needs Cleaning, Says The Law. How Often?

My Grease Trap Needs Cleaning, Says The Law. How Often?

When you envisioned your business and all that it would bring to the world, you probably didn’t visualize your grease trap. It’s not the sexiest part of your business, but it’s a necessary component to keeping your establishment clean and running smoothly. And because your grease trap works hard, it needs cleaning. Regular cleaning not only prevents awful odors, damage, health hazards and rodents – it’s a public health requirement in most communities. Each community has its own standards and it’s important to know what they are. For example, if you are a restaurant owner in Ohio, you are likely required to clean at the 25% mark. Other places, such as Worcester County, MA, require cleaning at least monthly.

But is that enough? What does “the 25% mark” mean and how do you know if you’ve reached it? Local regulations will give guidelines as to how often your grease trap should be serviced, but it is your actual usage that will ultimately determine your trap cleaning needs. EarthCare can help you find out.

Not only will our highly trained technicians clean your grease interceptor, they will perform a thorough 14-point inspection with every cleaning and can help you determine your grease trap maintenance requirements. At EarthCare, our mission includes building long-term trust and satisfaction with our customers. Our technicians will take time to educate you about your grease trap so that you can save money and avoid emergencies. This will allow you to have a grease trap that performs better and lasts longer. Cleaning your grease trap has to be done. Why not choose a company with the highest standards? EarthCare team members are graduates of Wind River University – a proprietary program designed to extensively educate our team so that you get the very best in education, safety, quality, and customer service.

Maintenance is key to a successful business. Contact EarthCare to make the chore of cleaning your grease trap easier, while empowering you to keep things running clean and smooth.

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