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Septic 101: Septic System Design And Installation At Earthcare

Septic 101: Septic System Design And Installation At Earthcare

New Septic System Installation

At EarthCare our septic system technicians are experts at repairing and maintaining existing septic systems, but there are situations when only a completely new septic system can resolve troublesome septic problems. To determine the needs of your system, contact us today!

Additions to the home or adding a new swimming pool to the property can be situations requiring a code-compliant septic system, and EarthCare has the engineering design and installation expertise to guide you through every step of the new septic system installation process. We’re thoroughly familiar with town building codes and can handle the red tape involved with permits and soil testing to ensure that your septic system design is 100% compliant with local codes and regulations.

Septic Design

All septic systems have certain elements in common including the septic tank, distribution boxes, and the leach field for absorption of wastewater in the surrounding soil. The conditions for installing these components though vary for each property. Varying levels between the house and the leach field location, the surrounding soil’s ability to absorb liquid, and the number of people residing in the household will all affect the septic system design.

If there are already many existing septic systems in close operation, or existing systems are too close to groundwater or surface water, the new installation septic system design will have to accommodate these conditions.

Alternative Septic Systems

Alternative septic systems are the solution for many areas which don’t have the suitable soil conditions required for a standard septic system. If soil testing reveals that your existing soil can’t adequately handle the wastewater treatment demands of safe absorption and natural filtering, alternative septic systems are the answer. They use peat, sand, or plastic media for wastewater treatment. Some systems incorporate lagoons, aerators, or disinfection devices to promote treatment.

Alternative septic systems use technology requiring pumps, float switches, and other mechanical and electrical components. After installation, they’ll require extra maintenance and should be inspected yearly. At EarthCare we can provide regularly scheduled preventative maintenance to keep your alternate septic system optimized and prevent potential problems before they occur. Learn more about our installation services!

Septic Pumping and Maintenance Of Your New Septic System

Once your new system is up and running the best maintenance is preventative maintenance. Earthcare can provide regularly scheduled septic pumping to remove solid waste buildup captured by the septic tank, a crucial step to keeping solid waste from blocking flow throughout the rest of the system. Our 3-step septic maintenance program is a simple and effective way to avoid costly backups and septic repairs.

EarthCare offers the full range of septic and plumbing services for residential and commercial customers alike, including septic pumping, septic system rejuvenation, pipelining, drain cleaning, and grease trap maintenance. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all of your septic system and wastewater treatment needs.

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