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5 Things You Should Be Doing To Keep Your Restaurant’S Septic System Working Properly

5 Things You Should Be Doing To Keep Your Restaurant’s Septic System Working Properly

We hope you had a merry Christmas and 2016 was a successful year for your restaurant. It’s now time to move on to the new year, and EarthCare hopes to be a helpful resource as you prepare for 2017. Here are 5 things you should incorporate into your kitchen routine to keep your septic system in tip top shape throughout the new year.

Get Your Grease Trap Cleaned
This is a no-brainer since the Board of Health likely requires you to clean your grease trap on a regular basis anyway. An unmaintained grease trap can cause a world of problems making your restaurant unsafe for customers and employees. Make sure you use an honest and reliable company like EarthCare to service your trap. We have a 14-point inspection process that includes removing the baffles and completely draining the water to make sure the job is done correctly and thoroughly.

Get Your Drains Inspected
Your drains are the roadway your wastewater uses to get to the grease trap and septic tank. Clogs and leaks lead to foul odors and downtime in the kitchen or bathrooms. This is not good for a food-related business, so be responsible when it comes to having your drains inspected for issues. Again use a qualified service provider who will pay attention to detail and detect inconspicuous cracks or leaks.

Put Up Signs For Employees
Remind your kitchen staff of the dos and don’ts of grease care. When things get busy, it’s easy to forget good cleanup practices. Putting up signs at your sinks and trash areas may seem trivial but can be beneficial in the long run.

Use A Strainer
This is a really easy one! Protect the gateway to your pipes by applying a strainer. These simply go over the drain and prevent solid materials from flowing into your plumbing. You can significantly cut down on potential backups and damage to your leach field by stopping food scraps and other garbage from getting into the septic tank.

Have Your Records Handy
Your wastewater system records contain valuable information that is helpful for maintenance and health reasons. If you use EarthCare for your services, remember we have an online customer portal that allows you to keep track of all your records without the hassle of paper files. This is just one more way we try to simplify your busy life as a restaurant owner.

Keep Wastewater Troubles Away in 2017
Put these tips into practice and keep up with your regular maintenance routine, and we’re confident your wastewater facilities will be trouble-free. For more helpful ideas, Contact EarthCare or Request Service Now.

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