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What Additives Can Be Used To Preserve Septic Health?

What Additives Can Be Used To Preserve Septic Health?

Your septic system relies on bacteria to break down solid waste in its tank. Without these microorganisms, solid waste builds up causing clogs in your pipes and leach field. This leads to a world of other problems such as foul odors, excess moisture in your yard, and sewage backups into the home. Oftentimes, good bacteria is killed off by common household cleaning products, so it’s important to replenish the bacteria with additives. Read on to learn about a couple of high-performing products you should be adding to your septic system.

There are a variety of additives out there, but we recommend CCLS. This industrial strength product comes in a 6-pack, and one bottle should be poured down each of your drains every other month. Each bottle contains an amazing 50 billion bacteria per quart. As a comparison, RidX only contains 475,000 per quart. These billions of colony-forming bacteria go to work breaking down solid waste so it doesn’t clog up your pipes and leach field.

Give Your System a Boost
To jump start your system after a pumping service, try Boost additive. This is a powder that the technician mixes with water and pours directly into the tank. One unit is designed to service 500 gallons, and it must be applied within 2 weeks of pump service.

Keep Your System Healthy
Just as you may take vitamins to stay healthy, your septic system needs its additives. You can purchase CCLS and Boost together or separately. Using them together ensures the good bacteria in your septic system is thriving and working efficiently. To request application of additives at your next service, Contact Us.

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