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Is A Leach Field Harmful To Me And My Family?

Is A Leach Field Harmful To Me And My Family?

Your children and pets want to play in the backyard, but there is a leach field out there. As a concerned homeowner, you have probably wondered if there is a chance that the leach field can be hazardous. Although it is associated with raw sewage, a leach field will not harm you or your family if it is properly maintained. With some background information and a few tips, you will be able to keep your leach field from creating an issue.

What a normal leach field should look like

When you have a properly working leach field, it should be filled with short, green grass. It should not have trees or shrubs nearby that have roots that will clog the leach field pipes. It should also not have large pools of water collecting in places. When you have a leach field with green grass and no puddles, you have a properly maintained septic system that is regularly pumped. When your sewer is clogged, your leach field will start to collect sewage water. When there is sewage water in the leach field, it is unsanitary for children or pets to play in.

Do not turn your leach field into a parking lot

One of the worst things you can do for your leach field is to use it for parking. The heavy vehicles will start to damage the pipes that are buried about six inches beneath the surface. While it may be a temptation to park in an empty space, the end result is costly repairs. If having people park on your leach field is an on-going issue, one solution is to build a fence around it.

Reconsider growing vegetables on a leach field

When you want to raise your own food, it can seem like a real sacrifice to avoid using your leach field as gardening space. Unfortunately, the issue is not only that the plants could clog the leach field pipes. In some cases, growing food in leach field soil is ill-advised. For instance, clay-based soils are quick to remove contaminants from leach field soil. Sandy soil, on the other hand, is unlikely to remove all of the harmful microorganisms from soil that will end up in the plants you grow.

Check for signs of rust

If you want to keep your family safe in the backyard around the leach field, be sure to check any of the exposed equipment for rust. For instance, the cover to your septic tank should be free of corrosion. In the untimely event that there is an accident with a rusty tank cover collapsing, the injuries related to falling into the tank could be fatal. Rescuing someone from an active septic tank can also be fatal due to the gases trapped inside the tank.

Call us for leach field maintenance

If you suspect you have a problem with your leach field, or if you want to make sure that everything looks ok, call us and we will inspect your property. We will also examine your septic tank to ensure it is in good working condition. If we detect a problem, we can work with you to get the solutions you need. To learn more, contact Earthcare today or request service now.

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