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4 Red Flags That Your Septic System Needs Service

4 Red Flags That Your Septic System Needs Service

If you own a business or home it’s important to pay close attention to your septic system. You should always be properly maintaining the septic system with regular septic pumping service and inspections as well as keeping it free of hazardous and dangerous chemicals. It’s also a good idea to reduce the amount of water consumption in the building or household.

But there are times, no matter our best efforts, when the septic system is breaking down and in need of repairs. It can be difficult for everyone to spot the trouble signs but there are red flags you can watch out for.

Here are 4 red flags that your septic system needs service. You should keep an eye out for these signs and if you see any call up your septic service company right away.

  1. If you haven’t had your septic tank pumped or inspected in over two years. Even if the septic system is working well, this in itself is a red flag. There can be all kinds of leaks, back-ups and problems within the tank that you don’t notice. It’s really important to the health of your septic system, land, and your family that you have the septic tank pumped and inspected every 1 to 2 years.
  2. Wet or soggy areas around the leach field. This often happens when the leach field is clogged from roots or biomat that has built up over time which causes a back up of sludge and other waste. This means the waste isn’t moving through the soil like it’s supposed to and can create an environmental and health hazard in the land. If you notice any soggy or standing water call a septic service company to have it checked out!
  3. Slow running or backed-up toilets. If your toilet isn’t flushing or keeps flooding your home or business with sewage you have a problem. This could be a sign of clogged drains, an overflowing septic tank or the leach field isn’t leaching properly.
  4. Bad odors inside and/or outside the home. This is always a sign that something within the septic system isn’t functioning properly. If you notice smells like rotten eggs or raw sewage you should call for an inspection right away.
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