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6 Benefits Of Terralift For Septic Leach Fields

6 Benefits Of Terralift For Septic Leach Fields

The number one cause of septic failure is a clogged leach field. Inadequate water flow under the ground causes soil to compact. When this happens, sewage starts to seep upward making your lawn soft, muddy, or you might see pools of water. This is also accompanied by foul odors. Before TerraLift technology, these signs often meant having to replace your underground drain field. Luckily, a simple rejuvenation may be all you need, so don’t ignore clues your lawn may be giving you of a problem beneath the surface.

Why TerraLift?

  1. Thousands Less Than Replacement – Replacing your septic system is thousands of dollars when you consider excavation, parts, and labor. TerraLift saves you money and headache with septic rejuvenation.
  2. 95% Success Rate – We have rejuvenated hundreds of lawns for homeowners, but do not stop there. We have also helped commercial properties such as golf courses, athletic fields, and construction sites.
  3. Usually Completed in One Day – Replacing your entire leach field is a messy and time-consuming process. A TerraLift technician will have his work completed the day of your appointment.
  4. No Need to Replace Lawn or Landscaping – Rejuvenation leaves the earth in better shape, and it doesn’t even disturb the ground surface. The TerraLift machine drives a long narrow probe 3 to 6 feet into the ground. Air is then forced through the soil creating tiny pathways back up to the surface. This fracturing process creates an aerobic environment improving the condition of your soil.
  5. Septic is Ready to Use the Next Day – Without the need to replace your leach field, you will regain use of your septic system shortly after TerraLift has rejuvenated your lawn.
  6. Can Be Subsidized With Bacteria – To further enhance rejuvenation, TerraLift can pump good bacteria into your soil further ensuring an efficient and long-lasting leach field.

Preventative Maintenance
To keep our reputation as the leading environmental company in the northeast, we pride ourselves on using the best and most innovative tools and machinery. Large jobs that may take other companies a long time to complete can be handled quickly with our advanced equipment. This is why EarthCare has employed TerraLift in its arsenal of waste management solutions. It has proved to be a game changer by saving customers the hassle and cost of septic replacement. If you would like to see if TerraLift could be a solution to your septic issues, Contact EarthCare orĀ Request Service Now.

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