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Bathroom Cleaning Tips For A Healthy Septic Tank

Bathroom Cleaning Tips For A Healthy Septic Tank

It can be hard to figure out what you can do to help keep up with septic system maintenance. For first time home buyers, renters, or those running a business the septic tank, pipes and drains are not something they thought they would have to think about. But if you own a business or residence it’s really important to make septic system maintenance a part of your life.

If you ignore your septic tank and drains you could end up costing yourself time and money with clogs, bad plumbing problems, or worse thousands of dollars getting your septic system replaced.

One way to keep your drains and plumbing in good order is to start in the bathroom. When you’re cleaning your bathroom you can make a couple easy changes to the cleaning products you use. If you skip all the bleach and harsh cleaning chemicals you will be keeping good bacteria alive in your septic system and drains that help to eat away at waste. This is a good thing and keeps the drains and septic system running smoothly for a long time.

But what can you use if you don’t buy the over the counter harsh products to clean? This can be an issue, especially in a business where the cleaning standards need to be fast, cost effective, and well done. You can save tons of money by, mixing your own cleaning agents from things like vinegar, baking soda, lemon, tea tree oil, and essential oils. Vinegar is one of our favorites. It can be used to remove bathtub film, clean shower doors and tubs, clean the toilet bowl, and even unclog a shower nozzle! Give it a try along with lemon and baking soda and use the tea tree oil as a disinfectant.

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