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Keep The Hair Out Of The Drains: Plumbing Services At Your Salon

Keep The Hair Out Of The Drains: Plumbing Services At Your Salon

Are you tired of hiring a plumber to snake your drains on a regular basis? When you own a hair salon, you can spend a fortune keeping each sink working optimally. In order to stop the cycle of paying a plumber on a monthly basis, learn how to keep the hair out of your drains with plumbing service tips for your salon.

Forget using harsh chemicals in hair wash stations

When a sink is clogged, the first instinct that most people have is to use a harsh chemical to break up the source of the congestion. Sadly, this is also a great way to wear out the pipes. Over time, these corrosive agents can cost thousands of dollars of damage. Instead of closing your hair wash stations, prevent the issue before it happens with a sink trap. These can be installed by professionals and will dramatically improve the way that your sinks drain. As far as maintenance goes, this type of hair-trap drainage system is easy for staff to unscrew and empty.

Keeping hair out of salon floor drains

Even with the best-laid plans, sometimes commercial properties have a difficult time transitioning from one type of retail space to another. For example, the floor drains found throughout your salon may become clogged because they have not been outfitted with a trap. Commonly, features that are reserved for bathtubs are used with floor drains in hair salons. In particular, removable shower drain covers and overflow plates are installed to prevent clogs. These types of devices are easy to maintain and only need to be dumped on a daily basis.

Solutions for hair-clogged washing machine in salons

Salons that do their own laundry soon find that they have clogging drains associated with their washing machines. Industrial methods for preventing hair clogs in waste lines include a cast-iron hair interceptor. This device is installed by a professional in the main drainage system and greatly reduces the need for future plumbing solutions. This type of system is ideal for beauty salons, animal hospitals, surgery preparation rooms, pet grooming stations and barbershops.

When DIY salon plumbing solutions do not work

You tried all natural cleaners to unclog your salons’ drains and you also used a plunger. Worse, you notice that your drywall is getting wet and it is clear that your attempted plumbing techniques did not work. If this is the case, do not distress. A professional plumbing service is all you need to correct your current clogged drain issue, and work on preventative measures for the future.

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