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Could Terralift Help You?

Could Terralift Help You?

In order to remain the top environmental company in the northeast, we stay on the cutting edge when it comes to having the latest and greatest tools and machinery. Large jobs that take other companies a long time to complete can be handled quickly with good equipment. This is why EarthCare has employed TerraLift in its arsenal of waste management solutions. It has proved to be an innovative breakthrough in ground restoration by helping customers save time and money on a number of soil problems.

Why Use TerraLift?
The number one cause of septic failure is a clogged leach field. Insufficient water flow under the ground causes the soil to compact. You might experience sewage backups, see pools of water, dying vegetation, or areas of greener grass as signs of the underlying problem. The costs of excavation and repair are daunting, and many put off taking action even when problems escalate to this level. Luckily, the price of rejuvenation using TerraLift is fast and inexpensive. In a few hours, you could add life to your leach field without even disturbing the ground surface.

How Does it Work?
The TerraLift machine drives a long narrow probe 3 to 6 feet into the ground. Air is then forced through it to penetrate the soil creating tiny pathways back up to the surface. This fracturing of the soil creates an aerobic environment that was previously too compact to exist. To maintain this new circulatory system, polystyrene pellets are also injected to help keep passages clear for the long term. With proper ventilation, the soil is revived allowing the leach field to work properly again.

Scientifically Proven
The benefits of TerraLift are not limited to leach fields. We get requests for this extraordinary machine for things like golf courses, athletic fields, construction sites, and lawn or landscaping improvement. If you have a situation and would like to see if TerraLift could help, call EarthCare for a free consultation and estimate. We also offer a one-year guarantee on your revitalized leach field. If the soil reverts back to its saturated state within 12 months, EarthCare will come back to the site and rejuvenate your area with TerraLift again at no cost. To learn more, Contact Us or Request Service now.

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