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What Is CSE Training?

What Is CSE Training?

The safety of our employees is a huge priority at EarthCare, and the subject of confined space entry (CSE) is taken very seriously. Our technicians are placed in potentially life-threatening scenarios, so it’s important that they be well-trained and prepared for working in these small environments.

In case you’re unfamiliar with CSE, OSHA defines confined space as an area that has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Contains or has the potential to contain a hazardous atmosphere
  • Contains material that has the potential to engulf an entrant
  • Has walls that converge inward or floors that slope downward and taper into a smaller area which could trap or asphyxiate an entrant
  • Contains any other recognized safety or health hazard, such as unguarded machinery, exposed live wires, or heat stress

Authorized Entry

To qualify as the entrant in a CSE job, a technician must:

  • Be knowledgeable of space hazards, including information on the means of exposure such as inhalation or dermal absorption, signs of symptoms and consequences of the exposure
  • Use personal protective equipment properly
  • Maintain communication with team members as necessary to enable them to monitor his status
  • Exit from the confined space as soon as possible when:
    • Ordered by the authorized person
    • He or she recognizes the warning signs or symptoms of exposure
    • A prohibited condition exists
    • An automatic alarm is activated
  • Alert team members when a prohibited condition exists or when warning signs or symptoms of exposure exist.

Working in Tight Conditions
We encounter confined spaces when working in tanks, pump chambers, manholes, or indirect waste pits. To ensure the safety of all involved, we only allow technicians with CSE licenses to work on these types of jobs. Furthermore, we require more than one licensed technician skilled in CSE be present to work collaboratively in these risky situations. So that EarthCare can accommodate the needs of our large customer base, we staff our crew with plenty of technicians carrying CSE licenses. With our well-equipped workforce, we carry the experience and manpower needed to safely get any job done. To have us evaluate your CSE project, Contact Us.

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