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Why Does Your Hot Water Run Out So Fast?

Why Does Your Hot Water Run Out So Fast?

Unless you’re one of those crazy polar bear plunge participants, you probably aren’t a fan of cold showers. There are few things more uncomfortable than cold water covering your body, especially first thing in the morning after coming straight from your warm, snuggly bed. So why does this happen? If no other appliances have been running and no one else has used up all the hot water, the problem is likely the water heater.

What’s the Problem?

Before we consider malfunctions, let’s look at the size or quality of your water heater. Your family may have grown or you may have purchased a home from a smaller family, and the heater can no longer accommodate the hot water needs of the household. Also, a lower-quality water heater with a low FHR (first-hour rating) cannot supply a lot of hot water within a short time. However, if neither of these is the problem, it may be time to call a professional.

A trained technician may find buildup in the tank. If you have hard water, there are minerals in it that collect in the tank and take up a lot of space over time. This sediment can also damage the tank, so it needs to be flushed out. Another problem could be a broken dip tube. This long component goes to the bottom of the water heater and releases the cold water to be heated by the heating element at the bottom. If it’s broken, the cold water doesn’t always reach the heating element before mixing in with the hot water.

Leave it to the Experts

Making repairs on a water heater is a dangerous job, so please leave it to the technicians at EarthCare. Our certified professionals have been specially trained to handle all types of water heaters and know what to do when trouble strikes. We also recommend having your water heater inspected on an annual basis to ensure uninterrupted hot water production for your business. Take advantage of our expertise, and Contact Us to inspect or service your water heater.

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