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Why It’S Important To Have A Septic Filter

Why It’s Important To Have A Septic Filter

Today we’re discussing the septic filter, a gadget that attaches to your septic tank outlet. This spot is the gateway to your leach field and the last chance for effluent to be strained of harmful materials before flowing to the final stages of purification. Failure to sift out clog-causing particles can do expensive damage to your system, so it’s definitely worthwhile to invest in this inexpensive filter. Repairing a leach field can involve the inconvenience of excavating your yard along with not having plumbing use while the work is being done. Septic repairs are also not cheap.

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EarthCare offers a variety of septic filters so you can be sure we’ll have one perfect for your system. We can install it for you, and the maintenance is a breeze! During your regular septic pumping service, we simply clean the filter during the same appointment. With this routine service, your filter (and your septic system for that matter) should last for years to come. EarthCare can also perform inspections and drain cleaning services that will benefit your home’s wastewater flow. Allow our professionals to hook you up with a dependable septic filter as well as evaluate your water consumption and waste facilities to advise a suitable preventative maintenance plan. Contact Us to learn more!

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