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Are You On The Right Catch Basin Maintenance Schedule?

Are You On The Right Catch Basin Maintenance Schedule?

Catch basins, sometimes known as the storm drain access, play an important part in keeping your sewer lines clear and running. Capturing large debris before it enters into the sewer lines is important – unmaintained basins can clog, and may fail to stop branches, leaves, trash, and other large debris from making expensive nests inside your main sewer line.

Ideally, basins should be vacuumed out a minimum of once or twice a year. There are many factors that impact the effectiveness of your storm drain, but as a rule of thumb, your basins should not exceed 50% debris volume. When a basin becomes too full, additional debris and sediment are not captured and are washed into the main sewer line.

If you are experiencing stormwater backup, then your drain inlet needs to be cleaned. Large storms can prematurely fill up a basin and lead to an off-schedule pump. However, making sure you keep your storm drains clear year-round is an important part of your sewer system.

The more often you schedule catch basin maintenance the more efficient it will be at stopping debris and sediment from being washed into main sewer lines and into your treatment plant. A basin that receives monthly services can be more than twice as effective at recovering sediment and debris than one that is only serviced once a year.

Failure to follow an appropriate maintenance schedule for your basins may lead to backup – causing pooling in the streets that can damage pavement and flooding sewer lines in nearby homes and offices. EarthCare offers Hy Vac catch basin cleaning to all the municipalities in our service area. We utilize a specialized fleet of jet-vac combo trucks that use high-pressure water jets, vacuum pumping, and liquid storage to remove debris as part of a regular maintenance service. We can also assist in cleaning out clogged storm drain inlets to get your storm drains moving again. Contact EarthCare online or by phone at 800-428-6166 to schedule your catch basin maintenance service today.

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