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Clogged Drain? What Causes It

Clogged Drain? What Causes It

Do you have a clogged drain? It’s something we have all experienced at some point, and sometimes pouring drain cleaner down it doesn’t help much (and if you have a septic tank it is a bad idea anyway). Slow draining or gurgling indicate that you have a clog somewhere, and likely need drain cleaning. If multiple drains are affected, the blockage is somewhere past the point where they meet. But what causes it?

1. Hair. Humans shed. Pets shed even more. Hair is a common cause of clogs of the drain and shower, and could also clog a sink if it is being used to bathe a small dog or cat. The answer is to reduce hair buildup by using a drain strainer on your shower or tub. If you have a floor drain, consider a strainer on that one too.

2. Grease and oil. Kitchen clogs are most often caused by pouring grease and oil down the drain. Quick tip: Don’t. Pour liquid oil into a container – you can often take this in to be recycled. Hard grease should be scraped into the trash.

3. Food. Food scraps should go into the trash, not the drain. If you have a garbage disposal, use it as little as possible. (Garbage disposals should not be used with septic systems).

4. Hard paper. Never flush anything down a toilet other than human waste and toilet paper. Do not flush paper tissues, paper towels or feminine products. All of these can result in major clogs and a flooded bathroom.

If you do have a clog and nothing you have will shift it, especially if it affects multiple drains, then you need a professional drain cleaning service.

Contact Earthcare to find out about our professional drain cleaning services and how we can help you with stubborn clogs!

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