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How Does Pro Clean Defeat Sugar Snakes

How Does Pro Clean Defeat Sugar Snakes

If you’re picturing an oversized Gummi Worm, you’ve kinda got the right idea. Sugar snakes are named for the shape they take on from being formed inside curvy pipes. Composed of bacteria that feeds on sugar inside a drain line, sugar snakes are mostly found in places that use soda machines like a convenience store or fast food joint. You might think, “It’s just sugar. Just wash it away with some hot water.” It’s not so easy to get rid of this sticky bacteria, and typical drain products don’t work.

Call the Pros

To permanently control the growth of sugar snakes, you need a professional-grade product called Pro Clean. This liquid enzyme breaks down the bacterial buildup and keeps it away with an automatic dispensation system. Our EarthCare technicians can install a machine in your store that distributes the perfect amount of enzyme to keep bacteria away without causing damage to your drink dispensers and pipes. Give us a call to get started on this effective treatment for those pesky sugar snakes.

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