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How Often Should Storm Drains Be Cleaned?

How Often Should Storm Drains Be Cleaned?

Catch basins or storm drains are those openings you see along roadways or parking lots, often along curbs or covered by a grate. You’ve probably seen a ton of them but may not know their purpose, which is to collect rainwater. During heavy rains, you’ll notice these storm drains are strategically located in places where gravity will pull rainwater right to them. From here, the water flows to streams, lakes or eventually rejoins the groundwater through sumps.

Since rainwater often drags dirt, leaves and other debris with it, these catch basins can become blocked. If you notice flooding in the street or yard near you, check the nearest catch basin to see if the opening is free of trash. In the winter, snow could even be built up at the opening causing a blockage. In these cases, you can call EarthCare. We have the tools to break up stubborn debris, and our hy vac trucks have the ability to reach great depths to pump out anything that has fallen into the catch basin itself.

Start An Annual Routine
We recommend cleaning out storm drains once a year. It’s usually best to do so before winter so that ice isn’t a problem. Unlike water that goes down the drains of your home or office, the water in catch basins does not undergo a filtration process before reaching local lakes and streams. Therefore, it’s really important to keep these clean and free from contamination. You can do your part by never tossing litter or hazardous materials into a storm drain. If you catch anyone doing so, you should call your local authorities. We’ve still got a couple months of cold weather, but don’t hesitate to Contact Us, if you’ve got a storm drain needing service.

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